Ashtothra Archana   40
  Chandana Kappu (Full) 551
  Chandana Kappu (Face) 251
  Dahi Bath Nivedyam    51
  Elaneer Abhishekam With Archana   90
  Jnanapal  (8.30 pm)   25
  Nei Payasam  (8.00 am)   60
  Nei Appam  (9 Nos.) (8.30 pm) 90
  Navakabhishekam   1001
  Pal Abhishekam With Archana 75
  Panchamrutha Abhishekam 75
  Pal Payasam  (10. am) 50
  Panaga Nivedyam 51
  Rudrabhishekam 501
Devotees desiring to make payments of Rs.500/- and above for the offering are requested to make payments by NEFT/RTGS.  This payment by NEFT/RTGS should be indicated to the temple through a mail, at the same time indicating the name of the offering /seva for which the payment is made. 

Payments received without offerings/seva details will be accounted as general receipts.

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Offerings to Karthikeyan

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